They claim that They want to meet me
Connect with something long lost
So They visit
Patting themselves on the back
Boasting over Their five dollar figurines

Here’s the problem:
i’m not a simple aesthetic

But maybe that’s what Humans miss most of all
The thrill of disorder
Dare i say terror?
Anything to distract Them from that desk job that They pretend to love

Everyone secretly wants a natural disaster
Not because it’s fun
But because it’s new
A, granted, macabre chance to start over

Even then They pick and choose
Wanting the idea without the pain
But it’s a package deal
What kind of arrogance makes You think that You’re exempt?

So, please, fawn over me
Let me watch the same eyes with different faces gaze day after day
But don’t fool Yourself:
Maybe what You’re missing isn’t something that You’re ready to find

Caroline Joseph ’16

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