To Suffer or Not to Suffer

The world, heartless and shattered,
Emotions scattered,
A dark torrent of chartless fear.
Satan, omnipresent, on his face a smug sneer,
Stealing the lives of innocents and the souls of the living,
The devil is always unforgiving.
Life is suffering.

Woe to newly widowed, the fatherless, the motherless
Woe to lost innocence, to lives now colorless
Where was God when the world crumbled before our eyes?
Certainly not above our blue skies,
We watched in horror, the damage decimating,
Who could have done such a thing?
Life is suffering.

Power: a precious entity that gives us intention,
To lose it means to lose control, a contravention
Of natural law, surrendering our superiority,
Nothing more than a puppet of divine authority.
Why should we live if we will always miss something?
Why should we live if every second means nothing?
Life is suffering.

Yet we must never let go of love,
But rather celebrate the lives now up above,
So when we learn to stand tall,
We realize that God was there through the fall.
For the righteous person may have many troubles,
But the Lord delivers him from them all.

Is life suffering?
You tell me.

Justin Yamamura ’18

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