They told us not to go out late,
They said don’t wear a short skirt,
Stay with the group, and be a saint.

They said that leggings are not pants,
Watch our backs as we walk and
Do not talk to strangers.

Do not get into a conversation with anyone.

Do not drink a drink someone has given you.

Do not go out alone.

They told us that because we are girls,
We have to be extra careful.
They said that because we are girls,
We need to watch everything.

And never,
whatever you do,
Never Turn Around,
Always Walk Straight.

Keep going and run as fast as you can.

They told us to listen to them,
They told me to do as I was told,
To take their advice,
But I did not.

I did not want to listen.
I went out late,
And wore what I wanted.

I did not listen.
I did not listen.

And maybe I should have listened.

Juliana daRoza ’18

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