Some Trademarked Wisdom from Your Sponsors

Make the most of now. ®
Think Big. ®
Think Small. ®
There is no substitute. ®
Make Believe. ®
Challenge everything. ®
Impossible is Nothing. ®

You can’t beat the real thing. ®
Power, beauty and soul. ®
It’s Style. ®
Quality never goes out of style. ®
Share moments. Share life. ®
Pleasing people the world over. ®
When you care enough to send the very best. ®

Open Happiness ®
Save Money. Live Better. ®
Eat Fresh. ®
Let your fingers do the walking. ®
Have it your way. ®
Finger Lickin’ Good. ®
Our vision. Our future. ®

Think different. ®

Cooper Veit ’18

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