In one ear persistent pounding of the radio
In the other grating music of the subway
Full of its satisfied silence
And steel cacophony
The drone of tired voices announcing

I like the train
Or at least the idea of it
I like the soft yet powerful thumps of the skid on the irons
The metronomic whistle audible from my room
Miles away

It can take you miles away
But the lowering of the poles
Reminds me of a guillotine waiting to execute an unsuspecting car
I have a fear of becoming stuck in the middle of the tracks
no turning or moving
just watching the oncoming bullet
Grow larger and faster and louder and BOOM

It hits me
The train will come for us all
One day or another
For now it is imminent
Only revealed by a distant whistle
Today may not be the day
But just wait

On the bench
That one over there
It’s only five minutes away
Scan your card
Prepare to board
The wind rushes forward, swift and whirling
The brakes screech
Doors whooshing open:
Where to?

Caroline Joseph ’16

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