Blanc, bianco, blanco, white
Is the only color I see every school day of my life
Sitting in class, realizing, Nobody looks like me,
We barely even learn about African American history
Feeling confined to share what thoughts cross my mind,
While everyone is looking at me noticing I’m one of a kind
Classmates always wonder Am I okay,
Yes, I am, but I can’t express what I truly want to say
As I walk from class to class,
Only a few people that look like me have come to pass
Excitement rises with Wassup’s and Hello’s!
But quickly dying down as the bell rings and we have to go
I go back to a silent yet observant mood,
patiently waiting for the long 80 minute period to be through
Once class is over I can go to the Magis office and see my real friends,
and It’s always easy for us to laugh and reminisce on the good times we spend.
As we all look alike and share similar experiences —
It’s effortless to understand each other and our daily grievances
Considering that 6% of 1400 is only so few,
we must band together
and support each other
because that’s the only thing to do.

Armond Gray ’17

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