The Small Boy Grows Tall

There was a little Boy
Who lived in a little house,
He loved his little life,
Being little as a mouse.

And all the Boy wanted
Was to grow big and tall,
And be a big grownup
Just as big as them all.

Despite him being small,
The world then seemed much smaller,
But that all started to change
We he began growing taller.

He became so smart
And the more that he knew,
The world seemed much bigger,
As he gained a new view.

The Boy learned of war,
Of tragedy and sorrow,
The Boy learned of sadness,
And the world of tomorrow.

He realized the world
Was much bigger than he,
And he understood inside
What he wanted to be.

He no longer wanted
To be big and tall,
He no longer wanted
To be taller than all.

What he wanted was simple,
But not possible at all,
He just wanted to go home
And again to be small.

Matthew Lange ’18

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