Sleepless in San Francisco

11:59: goodnight friends, goodnight moon, goodnight to the world I’ll see very soon.
12:06: funny, I thought sleep worked faster than this; one more minute, and I should be in bliss
12:11: did that, did this, cross that off my list, but soon enough, there’s a foggy mist.
12:12: why does this happen to me every night, emotions too many, too hard to fight.
12: 14: oh, my mouth knows better than to speak, but there goes the first tear running down my cheek.
12:18: faster and faster, and before I can tell, my heart is in pieces as if under a spell.

12:22: my mind races and falls, jumping from this to that, thinking of what could have gone right and what nearly fell flat.

12:23: is it normal to regret or be caught up in love?

12:26: God, I wish you could tell me. Give me a sign from above!

12:28: mind tricks and mind games I sit and I play, attempting to forget what happened today.

12:29: the knight to my princess, the boy of my dreams, turned out just to be a rouge at the seams.

12:31: oh I wish I had not found out like I did, that he only wished to be kissed and then skid.

12:32: did I push him away, did I not have the style?

12:33: maybe I don’t need him, that boy who lacks the depth of the Nile.

12:36: I dab my eyes, for I look at the clock, and see the time with a shriek and a squawk.

12:37: too many days and weeks, too many minutes and hours, spent on crying over people who steal from my powers.

12:39: the man on a steed with a silver suit and sword reminds me, maybe I’m the one who really scored.

12: 42: a lesson in love can never come easy, especially one that is a journey uneasy.

12:45: but I think I’ve decided the scratches and tears are only temporary at times.
12:46: love is merely a game of crimes
12:47: I have met the boy who broke my heart, maybe I do admit I wasn’t that smart.
12:48: but the boy who steals my heart is the one I want to love.
12:49: he’s the one who makes the water and blood worth it, in this crazy war above.

Emily Cox ’17

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