Separate but Equal

I cannot find love in the air.
I may have seen it before.
It blossoms in the center with a majestic oak
Surrounded by rich grass on the outskirts.
They remained in a fragile balance for 160 years by
Assuming the oak deserved more than the grass,
Truly incomparable in glory.
And so the garden remained unquestioned and unbalanced.
They prayed for light breezes
To preserve the frailty
And to prevent

They assumed the garden was built on respect
Both the grass and the oak in different ecosystems while
Surviving and supporting each other.
Yet the tree continued to grow,
Creating too many roots and
Feeding on too little a community.
The roots consumed and conquered the grass,
Disrespecting and destroying a once dignified ecosystem
Forever throwing away the balance

Thick roots, stuck and settled.
Forever frozen in their paths that
Sliced through the grass and
Penetrated a household.

In the original garden
Lived two separate but equal ecosystems
Who never talked.
Who never discussed.
Is that love?

In this disheveled garden
Lives one ragged ecosystem
They must talk.
They must discuss.
And they will move forward
As a single ecosystem
In the presence of true and honest

Lauren Cueto ’17

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