Taken By the Wind

If you’re going to leave
Allow me to tell you all the things I’ve wanted to share-

I see the roaring clouds behind your mysterious eyes
The song of a bird floats through the air, even as you sigh

Under the willow tree is where I picture you in the summer,
Or as a drummer in the school marching band

Or do you rummage ‘round redwood giants
And tiptoe through tulips in the spring

You are found bound within the sound of a catchy tune
Your simplistic and optimistic outlook piercing through the clouds of negativity

I cannot let you float away like dandelion puffs,
Because the wind blew when I wasn’t ready to make my wish

Diamonds do not shine brighter than your smile,
Which is only bettered by the dimples on your cheeks

When you enter the room, the temperature rises
and I can feel the sound waves of your voice floating through the air

You are beautiful like a rose, but your thorns pierce-
You said that you would never let me be on my lonesome

But today I watched you set onto the platform
I stood as a bystander as my best friend stepped onto the train

I stood helplessly as your army green shoulders disappeared
Into the clustered sea of army jackets

Lucy Anastas ’19

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