Her Seasons

In the summer she is the sun;
She is so warm, she is so bright.
Her smile seems to be the only one;
That keeps you happy through lonely nights.

It’s in the winter that she gets cold;
You won’t hear her laugh anymore.
Painful shivers, tears like ice;
Suddenly, she is not so nice.

But we know,
Seasons come and go.
As soon as winter comes is as soon as winter goes.
And the joys of summer never stays;
Why does she have to be this way?

One second hot, one second cold;
Her changing tricks are getting old.
Suddenly you begin to wonder;
If you can still handle the winter to love the summer.

Every year, it’s the same old thing;
With cheer summer comes, but agony winter brings.
And you question why you never left her;
But you realize her August is worth her December.

Charlize Ott ’18

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