Green-Eyed Monster

With my tempting melody I sing to my victims.
Enchanting them as sirens did the Greeks.
Luring them to their pitiful downfalls.
After me, people become gluttons of insecurity and anger,
While I watch with simpering laughter.
Silly humans. So easily controlled.

If you so desire to find me,
Look no further.

I am within you as you sit on the sidelines,
Plastering on a smile,
Watching your best friend make the winning shot,
Underneath the crowd’s roaring cheers,
You bury your bitterness of getting cut this season.

I am within you as you scroll mindlessly,
Admiring iridescent Tumblr models.
Their beaming smiles and slender figures,
Shaping your definition of beautiful.
As you look into the mirror,
My words leave your wall of confidence in shambles.
You see only your blemished skin and pudgy flaws.

I am within you as you stay up until 2 A.M.
Waiting for a notification to remind you that he still cares.
Your mind starts racing,
Where is he? Who is he with?
You’ve got it all wrong,
The only “other girl” is me.
For I am the lascivious nymph feeding your paranoia,
Forcing you to doubt his intentions.

Infiltrating even the strongest souls,
I leave all of my victims searching madly with broken compasses:
For some sense of validation
For some sense of confidence
For some sense of love
What a shame.

Trish Hoy ’16

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