My Dark Sky

My monster follows me as I walk
It crawls
it creeps
even when I sleep
I can see its breath on
the cold bathroom mirror

Appearing to me as I roam
with my thoughts

Showing its face,
ferocious blue
I thought blue was like the comfort of a rainy night.

It’s harsh
I run
I climb
I try to fly
I can’t

I’m stuck inside this endless loop of tragedy
consuming me
I can feel myself slowly slipping
past the brink
Into the ice cold black water

I haven’t seen the sun in sixteen years
I am stuck in the shadow of a monster
My light was put out years before-
When I craved it most

My monster follows me as I walk
When all there is
Is noise
static fills the air
still whispers
Parseltongue through its pointy jagged teeth

Sings a song
A strange sound
unlike any I’ve ever heard
Is it his voice
Or is it my own?

Lucy Anastas ’19

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