Black Enough

Milk chocolate
Half and Half
Black enough
Some people think I’m not black enough
I used to think that too
I have a white mom
And caramel instead of chocolate skin
I didn’t fit the stereotypes
Or at least not enough
But tell me I’m not black enough now
Tell me I’m too pale
Tell me I’m white washed
Tell that to 8 year old me
Who was called the n-word for the first time
Standing in line at the museum of the African Diaspora with my grandmother
Tell that to 11 year old me
Who realized there was a reason
Store clerks always followed me around
Tell that to 13 year old me
Who was asked for the first time
“Nice hair! Is that a weave?”
Tell that to me now
As I avoid looking at colleges in the south
Afraid I might actually like one
Tell that to my brother
Who is always overly respectful to cops
Tell that to my father
Is shunned by his father in law simply for the color of his skin
Tell that to my grandmother
Who was dragged to the back of the bus
So tell me I’m not black enough
Tell that to my caramel face

Campbell Simmons ’17

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