I can still remember the day I brought you into this world.

A tiny seedling cradled in my tiny hand, I laid you down in a bed of soil

and blanketed you with water, fertilizer, and love. Every day I ventured out to your little

plot and sang the stories of the land, hoping that you would learn the trill of my voice.

And then I waited, praying that you would plant your roots in the little area that I had

chosen to be our home. And then I saw you again, but I was surprised. You were no

longer the tiny seed I had so long cared for. Your little head poked out, and while you

weren’t used to the brightness, you still leaned into it as much as you could. From that

moment you didn’t stop. You began to branch out and make friends while I just

continued to give you the nutrients you needed to maintain your energy.

Soon you were the most popular one in the entire neighborhood.

Everyone came to admire your beauty and

your warm embrace. Now I can’t even

see your head anymore. You stand

among the clouds, reaching to the

heavens and extending your reach

to the ends of the earth. You have

blossomed, my child, but I am afraid

I cannot join you any longer. Even

now, I can only watch you from the

window, hoping that you have not

yet forgotten my gentle touch. While

I wither away, I hope that I can hold

you in my arms one last time. You

have your whole life ahead of you,

and while I won’t be around for all of it,

just know that I will always love you,

My dear, my darling, my little seedling.

Allyson Abad ’16

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