An Ode To Unexpected Love

You are as lovely as a chocolate rose
With your rich caramel highlights
Along your curved body.

In pictures, you needn’t pose,
For every time I look at you,
You seem elegant and fine.

From the many, you I chose
In that dark and dusty shop
With scarlet velvet carpets.

I could never suppose
That my love for you would
Turn into this.

It is my job to expose
Your inner sound,
Even if I have to drag it out of you.

Your music resonates from my head to toes,
And I love each note we make.
Legato is so lovely,

It sounds as if it were coming from meadows,
And staccato is the sound
Of an army marching through a quaint town.

God only knows
How much I love you so.
Sweet Adelvice, I will never tire of your sound.

Let me propose
That we never part
Because my heart would

Painfully decompose.

Sophia Leon Guerrero ’19

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