To Do List

Life has been a to do list.
And I complete every task,
Yet living life itself remains to be undone,
Setting goals to be number one,
But we are beyond perfect, understand?
If you don’t, it’s called life.
If you’ve never suffered, then you’ve never lived.
If you’ve never been treated badly, then you’ve never learned to forgive.
Note to self: learn to forgive

Can we forgive society for chaining us up to its standards?
We don’t need awards to validate skill.
We don’t need to put our lives in danger to validate will.
We don’t need a cool status in order to fill
The void that’s inside of us.
Screw getting into Harvard,
Don’t you want to get into heaven?
Note to self: value authenticity

Life has been a list of reminders.
But then again, we try to forget because the world can be painful.
We try to pretend.
Let’s pretend that all things in life are ok.
Let’s think that there’s no global warming or inequality in this world.
Let’s act like everything we do will matter because oblivion is impossible.
Let’s breathe…
And then learn that we should stop pretending.
We are sick of pretending.
We want to make our dreams a reality.
Note to self: stop being a fake

Life has been a cycle.
It’s a broken record, stuck on repeat,
As if it’ll never end.
It’s never started either.
And if it has, then lately it’s been boring.
I don’t mind being fixed,
I don’t mind being remixed,
I don’t mind getting a kick-start.

And I have a certain part
of myself that’s broken hearted.
It’s not so long until these standards shatter my soul.
Note to self: look deeper into your soul

What is a soul without passion?
What are words worth if you don’t take action?
What is the attraction
Of wasting our valuable time if they don’t live up to something?
And each of these tasks is shouting,
“Get this done!”
But what about the responsibility to myself?
My heart’s saying, “When is it my turn?”
Why is there a need to get everything done so fast?
What’s the rush to grow up?
My heart’s saying that this is getting old,
And it’s also turned cold,
It’s yearning for fire.
I need people to understand how I feel,
Because what I have IGNITED within me is rapid FIRE
Note to self: SET A FIRE

I don’t want to go to college,
I don’t want to be judged.
For every single action,
I just want to be loved.
Maybe I want to be someone,
Live, love, and laugh,
But I was raised to be a coward.
I’m locked up with no chance!
Maybe I’m not wrong,
Maybe I’m not right,
To say I don’t want a job.

Darlene Silva ’17

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