This Dark Sky So Bright

Oh look up high, the dark sky so bright.
The empty abyss, filled with knowledge and wonder.
A dark brownie sprinkled with powdered sugar.
A velvet coat after a light snowstorm.
This dark sky so bright and grand,
Makes me feel so small down here on land.
I look up high and think to myself,
what’s out there lurking,
looking back at me.
The almighty, know-all, foreseeing God?
Or maybe an alien, with its slimy silk skin.
How a boy can wonder about that dark sky.
Its many stars that illuminate the universe.
Their beams, casting spells that grasp anyone
staring up at them.
And who can forget about our spotlight in the sky,
the Moon.
A devious being who sets the stage for the night to come.
His presence is there not only in the night, but he whispers
his rumored cheese face all throughout the day.
This dark sky so bright,
holds many secrets open to anyone
willing to look for them.

Miles Barrow ’19

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