The art of fighting

Boxing- the art of fighting
The application of creative skill in a violent struggle
The hope of something greater
Something greater than the inner city streets
Something greater than the drugs, alcohol, and abuse at home
Not for fun, but for survival
The art of fighting

As I walk down those creaky stairs, I smell the hope
I smell the blood, sweat, and tears of every single person giving his all
I see the posters of champions, both past and present
I hear the jab crosses of future champions on the bag
I feel the desire in their hearts to be the best
Not because they are the most talented,
But because they work 10x harder than anyone else in the world

I hear the bell go off, round one has begun
Two friends had arrived an hour before
But when that bell goes off,
It’s two Pit Bulls biting for the neck
Because winning isn’t everything,
It’s the only thing

A fight is the perfect metaphor for life
Life is full of grace, mercy, and happiness
But life can knock you down, smack you to the floor
It’s in these tough times, you need to stand up and fight
For something greater
For hope
For life
The art of fighting

Connor Clark ’17

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