On the edge of town was new paradise.
Used cars fly at sunset.
Would you like to get in to see that one?
Yes, Sir! I’d love to!
Alright, no baloney for you.
Jaws stretched, alright I’ll take it!
Bowing mute, watching for weaknesses.
Sign right there and it’s yours!
Thanks! People are nice.
Feel the hot sun on roasted metal.
Then peer out to the streets.
We that die here, hanging like sausages.
Whispering to the Saints,
Hoping they will step in.
Used cars piled like snakes.
Lined up side by side hoping to get some food,
But in the end he ain’t satisfied
Ending up buried by hunger.
Trying to find somewhere to work,
But they are in exile.
Keep it full keep it working
Is what they say,
Their scream piercing nature.
Just hoping someone can step in.

Alex Bailey ’18

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