Runner’s Work

mile after mile
street after street
stoplight after stoplight
polo fields, 19th, sutro baths
3, 4, 5, 6 miles
you name the place, we’ve been there
sweat dripping down my face
heart beating profusely
knees wearing out
just breathe, only two more miles
these hills couldn’t look any steeper
keep an upright position
and lower your arms
deep breath in and exhale
a biker just passed by
and a baby pushed in a stroller
ohh, how I envy their wheels
never mind them
the stoplight just turned green
looks like we’re off again

see, it’s like a game
it’s played rain or shine
there is no room for quitters

unscrewing the cap from my bottle
finally my dry throat is cured

chug, chug, chug, chug

a few minutes go by
stopping for a breath of air
and back to the water

i’ve found my oasis in a desert
ahh, water never has been more refreshing

Erin Louie ’19

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