Not Merely to Be Called but also to Be

All different backgrounds they say we’re the same,
A community united under one name
Guided by our ethics and striving for acceptance
But under the surface it’s not what’s expected.
Divided by popularity, color, and money
Problems are pushed under the rug and it is simply not funny
Building our future on a platform of shame
We witnessed racism and hatred and didn’t place blame.
We turn a blind eye when it comes to college scholarships and donations
Heaven forbid an athlete should leave Wildcat Nation
Parties with themes of hate and exclusion
Full of “ignorant” kids with racial delusions.
Ignorance is no excuse at a college prep school
Where grades for honors and AP classes rule
Some say we are kids who make stupid mistakes
Self-centered teens who don’t know the stakes
Racism is justified by “it’s just what we do”
With no regard for who our actions cut through.
But what is the cost to a truly good person
When problems like this only worsen?
What does it say when we are “with and for others”
But we cannot respect the humanity of our sisters and brothers?
It says that we ignore the impact of our actions
And allows our friends’ cruel behavior to gain traction.
We must practice what we preach
And use empathy for what school doesn’t teach
See equality as a right, and don’t practice “separate but equal”
Foster a future generation that seeks to be peaceful,
Envision a future we wish to create
Not accept racism as our generation’s fate.

Joan Buse ’17

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