Across the sea
across the desert
across the mountains
people move
A constant flow of sacrifice
for the ones who keep our heads above water
A constant battle between
satisfaction and the drive to reach our zenith
migrating from one side of town to the other
migrating to the train station
migrating across the country
migrating to new nations
our human race feeds off of movement.
do not surrender to the oppression you face
or the road blocks that set you back
open the door and suffer a little
for a greater success is soon to come
migration facilitates our growth.
cultures flow throughout our sangre and mix with one another
they are the wind
that touches everyone
of all kinds
that blows into the the knots in our hair, the cracks and crevices
the little things that make up the big things
our nation is founded on migration.
release the permanence of who you were and
allow growth for who you are to become
collapse the boundaries of your comfort zone
set yourself free
become una mezcla

Gabby Noto ’17

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