Me: Past, Present, Future

This is for the girls who act like queens who only care about themselves,
and the guys who, like the girls, are always needing my help.
This is for the people who act like they care.
Only in it so that they can get a share.
I know all of this may sound a bit unfair,
but I still love the haters, ’cause moments like this are rare.

This song’s for my grandma’s and grandpa’s alike,
my mom and my dad who continue to be my light,
my brother and sister, even though we fight,
and also myself, for I love my life.
My teachers who push me to the limit
and my God who reminds me I’m in it to win it.

I’d like to thank my music, for keeping me inspired
and my high school, teaching me to spark my inner fire.
The singers, stars, and celebs in their cars,
reminding me that my future isn’t too far.
To my friends and their everlasting loyalty.
I’d like to tell them they mean everything to me.

To the fights and the quarrels, for making me break a sweat
once in a while (or has it been everyday yet?).
The sins and the hardships for teaching me that
my life is just beginning, and there’s no reason to be sad.
Lastly, I thank the world for showing me how to live
and teaching me always that I have so much to give.

So now I leave this song in your hands
and ask you to be thankful whenever you can
because whenever you start something or wish it to end,
you’ll use this song to remind you to mend
all your past relationships, desires, and wants
and love them anew and make your own song.

Jonathan Lo ’17

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