Laugh it off

The things we hear so long ago
Can affect us more than we know
But we brush it off, we just don’t care
Then why can’t our minds wander elsewhere
Or if it does it always comes back
To that which sends our mind on attack
That playful teasing can be fun
Unless you’re chosen as the one
The butt of the joke, your flaws pointed out
If you show them you care, the assailants shout
Come on, why can’t you take a joke?
They’re not the ones about to choke
But now it’s worse, play turns to scoff
That’s when your mask comes in, you laugh it off
You push it deep down inside, where it will always remain
But one day you’ll look back and remember all of the pain
I’m not saying to keep from joking around with a friend
But remember the power of your words in the end
They can bring much joy, they can bring much strife
Just remember your words don’t just impact your life

Sophie Bailard ’18

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