I Remember

running through a summer storm
the smell of clean air
whispered secrets among friends
stolen sunglasses
heart-shaped doodles
sunlight on wet skin
laughter in the middle of a song
crying tears for someone else
chaste kisses on cheeks
ocean waves soaking t-shirts
same songs on repeat every night
ditching flip-flops in favor of sand
salty sun-bleached hair
warm tea on cold mornings
lazy piggyback rides
leaning on each-other staring at the sky
taking a million pictures to remember the moments
watching the ever-changing colors of flame
telling all our epic stories, one after another
goofy pranks
the smell of wet grass
laughing until we cry
long sleepless nights
tracing our steps because we got lost
dancing under the light of stars
I remember feeling infinite

Rene Fong ’19

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