He’s So Gangster

He’s a young man
With a gun
And a plan

He had not a prayer
But the gang was there

Got in some fights
When he lived in Logan Heights

With a lock n’ a sock
On heads he’ll knock, knock, knock

When the Sons hoped for Silence
He hoped for rain
But no amount of water can wash away his inflicted pain

And when you have the need he’ll sell you speed
That you can burn up the road with

Be you blue or red
There’s a price on your head
You were red when you bled
And you’ll be blue when you’re dead

Street life is rough
But it made him banging tough

A brother’s mother cried
When that brother’s spark died (it’s okay that he died, it’s all for group pride)
We all wore black to the funeral
And to the boot party right after

They’ll off ya
When your in the Mafia

To Silence

One. Three.
Latin King
Wa Ching

Now the hat and bat
Has taken his gat

Thought he’d be twenty for life
Now he’s serving the same
Cause’ you can’t rewind bullets
And you can’t rewind shame

Annabella Lynch ’16

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