All the Day’s a Stage (based on William Shakespeare’s “All the World’s a Stage”)

All the day’s a stage
It begins at dawn, dark in the world
The seven phases of the day,
first the woken, drowsy, stumbling
Torn from slumber, almost sleeping tall
Then the morning like vibrant streaks across the sky
Brushing, washing, scrubbing, ready for the day
Step out the door, and meet the world
Driving, bussing, get to school,
Hitch their bags, heads down, all focused
Then comes the noon, a high sunshine
Relax, rejuvenate, replenish-
Halfway through a day and dragging
On towards the afternoon, of tiny snacks
And bells a-ringing, come stomping out anew
But then the evening hits them, of a
Tired, homework sort, pens and bags and pieces
Shove away, feel the day, it’s very near the end
And bringing up the glow and shine
Of a single star-like being
The parts and cogs– reboot, rebirth
It’s time for a new day

Ava Mar ’18

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