A Bitter Divide

It used to be this kind of torture,
To men and women of African American culture.
The young and old both judged light or dark,
Without a closer look at character or at heart.

Then the movement was started by Dr. King,
A brave, black man saying “Let freedom ring.”
We thought it was over, the segregation and divide,
Until our voices were once more pushed to the side.

And here it is again, a bitter divide,
A split, a spread; just self-pride.
What we need is a giant unification,
So we can live as one, peacefully, in this beautiful, free nation.

All I see now is one huge divide,
Between the blacks and the whites like it’s 1965.
Stop with insults, about either race.
Just smile and hug more because we all deserve a better place.

If you believe this poem to be true,
Then take my advice and do something new.
It all starts with one; it all starts with you.
Stop insulting, start embracing because we can see this world from a different point of view.

Erika Shanahan ’18

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